Welcome :-  Our organization provide a transport facilities for mental disable child for education and training  for that vehicle cover  190 K.M. per day.

Classification :-  In child mentally challenged  slow learner, cerebral palsy, autism or multiple disable are included.  

Education Program :-  According to the child performance activities they were divided in five new groups for every child a personal education training program were organized all they to maintain this ratio 1:5 or 1:6 in between teacher and students.

Group :-  Per slow learner students there has mentally challenged child  are introduce them from- Hindi/English/Maths/ Mother tongue/ how to manage the time and introduce them from different units of measurement and also introduce them from the  water, climate, nature, birds etc. and give

Autism Special :- Children who were not able to express or speak properly. We organize a daily activities program for them under ADL training.

Day Care :- In this group we admitted those student who need extra time , and care. In this group are mainly included those child who need extra care from other four group child.

General Activities :-  In this group trained the children from their personal care or maintenance to manage the cloths, meaningful activities as well as training activities.

Updating Program :- In this program the trainer introduce the child with the modern activities program and instruments different regulator, remote control, rising the phone call as well as use the public facility etc how to use them are included in this program.

Home Management :-  “SHUBHDA” help those children whose parents not able to come outside with their children in their condition and they feel shy because of their children condition. In this case ‘SHUBHDA’ help them and co operate with parent to come out with their child from home. ‘SHUBHDA’ help also that children who are not able to come outside from their home, to take the training in their home in the front of their parents.