For special children under annual Ganpati Festival in mall complex at Panchsheel “SHUBHDA BAPPA MAURIYA” program was organised. Where among the slogans of SHUBHDA BAPPA MAURIYA children’s performance were appreciated by dignitaries persons and audience by applause them.

On this occasion CRPF’s DIG Mr. Anil Dudiyal, ADA Secretary Mr. Hemant Swaroop Mathr, Mr. Somratan Arya, Ms. Vinita Jaiman, Ms. Saba khan, senior educationist Ms. Urmila Arya, Regional Officers of Bharat Vikas Parishad’s Mr. Vijay Sharma and Shyam Sundar Dargar and with the presense of founder of SHUBHDA’S Mrs. Sadhna Sen had done lamp ignition program, Normal and Special children had tie up the program for 3 hours  by singing and dancing. In the meantime when special children did ramp walk roles with their special attention, the audience had encouraged them by applause for them. In the ramp walk normal kids from Pinnacle Play School, Directed by Reshma Bhagchandani had participated.

To make special children feel important music teacher Anand Vaidhya’s student Mayank Sharda , Artist associated with Kala Ankur and TV artist Manisha Shatri together with Mr. Shakti Shitole, Tanveer Ahmed, Hansika Pareek, Jaswinder Kaur, Shubhi Dudwaniya, Poorvi Gupta and Om Prakash had given their performance.

Program based on the concept of Apoorv Sen, Chief Operation Officer of SHUBHDA Organisation, Secretary of Kala Ankoor Mrs. Madhvi Stephen, Principal of Vivekanand School Mrs. Vrutika had played main role. Mrs Suprabha Kabiraz, Meenu Mathur, Mahaveer Vaishnav and Hitesh Janckal and staff members of SHUBHDA and volunteer team had helped to organised the event. Forum was conducted by Piyus Gupta. 





To provide social atmosphere to SHUBHDA’s special children, every year different festivals are organised. To maintain this order, on 25th August 2018 “Raksha Bandhan” festival celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.

On this festival special children feel proud to tie Raksha Sutra to Honorable persons of Ajmer City, Social Workers and students of different schools. The chief guest of this program were Industrialist and Social Worker Mr. Hemant Bhati and Mrs. Alka Bhati. SHUBHDA’s children had welcomed them and feel proud to tie Raksha Sutra on their wrist. Mr. Hemant Bhati and Mrs. Alka Bhati have a lot of love for these special children, also they had sponsored five special children of SHUBHDA. They have distributed gifts among children. Mr. MJ Ajay from Big FM also present in this program.

From Rameshwar school Principal Mrs. Anjana Goyal and students of Rameshwar school are present there. From these student Komal, Khushi and Vaadhi had danced with special children  on different songs and enjoyed a lot with them. Choreographer Mr. Aman Moolchandani had also danced with children to encourage them. Rajasthan Administrative Services Officer Jyoti Kakwani also presented in this program. Special children are eagerly waiting for these type of program in which they can mix with other children and people and enjoy with them and feel happy.

On this occassion SHUBHDA’s founder Mrs. Sadhna Sen and COO Mr. Apoorv Sen had thanked to all guests and visitors. 



51th  Foundation Day Ceremony celebration  of Group first of Central Reserve Police Force was held on 1st August 2018.

Center’s Deputy Inspector General Mr. Anil Dundiyal with Group First’s officer, Subordinate Officer, Female employee, their family members and special children of SHUBHDA had enjoyed at fair.

Center had sent special invitation to SHUBHDA for Group First’s  51th  Foundation Day Ceremony celebration . In this fair 20 children of SHUBHDA including Hiral Acharya, Rishabh Gupta, Harshit Mehra, Julian Anthony, Himanshi Panwar and Harsh Sewani had enjoyed. This type of fair give happiness to special children where they can have fun and be happy. At fair children enjoyed different games like shooting, enjoyed swings, also they danced and enjoyed a lunch there.

Deputy Inspector General Mr. Anil Dundiyal, President of KAWA Mrs. Vinita Dundiyal and Commandant Mr. Amit Sharma had encouraged special children and enjoyed with them at fair.




For the purpose of Environment Protection and boost Greenery, Rajasthan Patrika’s “Haryalo Rajasthan” program held on Saturday at Shubhda School.

The plantation program had held in the premises of SHUBHDA located at B.K Kaul Nagar. Shubhda’s Founder Mrs. Sadhna Sen, Co-ordinator Mrs. Suprabha Sen, The Headmaster Hitesh Jankal, PRO Ms. Meenu Mathur and Mr. Mahaveer Vaishnav had welcomed guests. Former Principal of Maheshwari School, Nagar Nigam’s Revenue Officer Mr. Pavan Meena, & Ashok Jain are welcomed by them. In this program Shubhda’s special children Ruchika, Kanika, Hemanshi, Hiral, Shivani, Harsh,Rahul, Tarnjeet, Himanshi, Rishabh, Julian and Harshil with Shubhda’s team had plant different types of trees like Neem, Pipal, Rose and other shady trees and give message of “Save Environment”. Also team of Shubhda had taken the oath to look after these plants.









Shubdha special school student celebrated Raksha Bandhan with great joy and fun. These special students were eagerly waiting to celebrate this festival because city’s police and officers  were coming to see them. These special students celebrated Raksha Bandhan by tying the sacred rakhi on their wrists. They were sure that these experienced people will certainly shower their blessing over them, by which these special students will get an opportunity to develop in both educational and social aspect of life. The guest of the fuction Mr. Vikas Kumar (police head, Ajmer) promised the special students to care of them as they do of normal people. Mr Vikas Kumar expressed that by celebrating Raksha Bandhan with these students his festival also became a memorable one.

On this auspicious time students, teacher and principle Mr Ajay Singh Rajput of Central Academy School was also present to celebrate rakhshbandhan with these special students. Due to busy schedule Mr. Harful Sing Yadav and Mrs Vijay Laxmi Guar could not attend the celebration.

At the end of the programme the co-ordinater Mr Apoorva Sen greeted every guest present and thanked them for their support and wished for the same support and and gratitude in the future.  



 For special students NGO Shubdha organized kite festival on  Makar Sankranti was celebrated with great joy.

On this occasion Shubdha was decorated with streamers , balloons and kites made by teachers and students. Special students were told about the festival of Makar Sankranti that this festival is celebrated because sun enters the Capricorn sunsign.

On Makar Sankranti all the guests and the students flied kites. Students got excited after seeing the sky full of kites. Their faces glared with the happiness and joy. Sweets , gajak , biscuits etc was distributed.

CEO Mr Apoorv Sen thanked the guests.